I need more Ubuntu Shirts

Yesterday, I walked around campus with my Ubuntu shirt on, going to 2 classes over the course of 4 hours. During that time, I met 2 people that stopped and said “nice shirt!”, who also used Ubuntu, and were interested in the NJ LoCo team.

Therefore, what I think I need to do is wear as much Ubuntu propaganda I can — an Ubuntu shirt every day, an Ubuntu hat, a bumper sticker that says “Honk if you like Ubuntu! (Also go to nj.ubuntu-us.org)”, maybe even a huge button on my shirt that says “ask me about Ubuntu”. Around 65K people should be using Linux in New Jersey at the moment, so hopefully we’d have a very large LoCo team in a short time span.

Also, as a result of some annoyance yesterday, I wrote a rather long rant about why I hate most commercial VOIP providers. I think I’ll hold onto that until I’ve culled it into being “Informative” instead of “tearing off faces and using them as hats”.

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