Joe Terranova LARPer, Nerd Organizer, Web Developer. Not the CNBC guy

Any path that narrows future possibilities may become a lethal trap. Humans are not threading their way through a maze; they scan a vast horizon filled with unique opportunities. The narrowing viewpoint of the maze should appeal only to creatures with their noses buried in the sand.
- The Spacing Guild Handbook, Children of Dune


I’ve spent my career developing web technology. My primary development has been in PHP/MySQL, utilizing Amazon AWS solutions extensively. At work I’m building credit card processors and REST API driven projects with Angular frontends. In my hobbies I’m using the same set of tricks, and constantly finding new nails to hit with a web development hammer.


I have a love for all styles of gaming, especially RPGs, both Live Action and at the table. I’ve been a LARPer since 2010, and a community organizer starting around 5 seconds later. My current projects are Hulduf√≥lk, an Urban Fantasy Parlor LARP, and Winding Path Initiative, a National Parlor LARP Social Club.

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