Joe Terranova LARPer, Nerd Organizer, Web Developer. Not the CNBC guy

I’ve been an active RPG gamer for decades, a LARPer since 2010, and a community organizer for the LARP Community since around 5 seconds later.

Current projects

Previous work

Mind’s Eye Society (August 2010 - September 2017)

Prior to my departure in 2017, I was the primary tech maintainer for the Mind’s Eye Society, starting in 2012 with transitioning from White Wolf control of tools to MES hosting. In 2014 I was elected to the MES Board of Directors, quickly becoming the Tech Advisor to the National Technology Admin, up until my departure in late 2017. During my time in the MES I held positions up and down the MES organizational structure, advised and supported tech pursuits for the organization, addressed community concerns, and spearheaded numerous changes to MES processes and structure.